You May Be Able To Take A Real Nap In Airports Soon


Have you ever tried to take a nap at an airport? There’s just no easy way to do it. The chairs have those darn arms that prevent you from laying down and who wants to sleep on that disgusting floor.  The best you can do is prop your feet up on your suitcase and try to avoid people who are walking through the aisle. Good luck!

Things may be getting a little brighter for frequent travelers.  Sleeping stations, called Airpods are making their way to some European airports. Let’s hope these crazy futuristic capsules will make their way state-side sooner rather than later.

While they look right out of Back to the Future II, the pods are pretty useful. These napping stations include some pretty amazing features to ensure you maximize that four-hour layover when you need a little recharge of the body and mind.  Airpods feature air-conditioning, internet access, alarms you can set to avoid snoozing right through your gate departure, noise reduction, entertainment (e.g. Netflix) and most importantly the comfy chair folds down to a full bed.  There is even a storage compartment where you can keep all your bags so you don’t have to worry about someone swiping your stuff while in that deep sleep.

Mihael Meolic, the Slovenian business who came up with idea and founded the company, told the Daily Mail that “AirPod’s vision is to improve travel experience overall and additionally to offer those interested in the business the opportunity to earn passive crypto-income.”

Unfortunately, they likely won’t be free. You’ll be able to rent one of these pods by the hour.  Airports have not said how much they will charge for them, but it’s likely not going to be super cheap.  Remember, a turkey sandwich at the airport is about three times more expensive than normal, so we are just assuming that these may cost a pretty penny to rent.  But as my mom always said, you can’t put a price on good quality sleep. And you may even be able to expense the use of one if you are traveling for work.

The company is still designing and testing these sleep capsules.  Daily Mail reports that the company is the completing final beta and they hope to roll out the pods to European Union airports by the fall of 2018. Head on over to the Daily Mail to check-out some really cool pictures of the Airpods.