The Best Suitcase Brands For Your Next Travel Adventure


The suitcase might be the single most important travel item you own.  It needs to be durable but also light-weight enough to lug around from hotel to hotel and from plane to plane. Plus, it’s got to have clever storage that’s easy to access. Personally, the ability easily access items is the most important thing for me.  I rarely unpack my suitcase in a hotel room, so its got to be very easy to find my belongings.

With so many options (from rollers to backpacks to duffel bags) how do you even know where to begin.  According to Smart Traveler, here are some tips. They have a lot of other great advice in their guide.

Most bags, from backpacks to larger luggage pieces, can be purchased with wheels, back straps and/or retractable handles. While handles and back straps are consistently useful features, some travelers get frustrated by stiff luggage wheels, which can inadvertently lead a heavy bag across the foot of an innocent bystander. If this sounds like you, look for spinner luggage with wheels that can twist 360 degrees, allowing for greater control and ease of movement.

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, both with and without frames. They are a good option for anyone planning to camp, hike or do other outdoor activities…

Duffel bags are no longer just a device to cart your sweats to and from the gym. Many modern duffels have accessories like wheels or a retractable handle; these bags are often sold as “travel duffels.” While a traditional small or medium duffel bag will fit nicely in the overhead compartment, it may strain your arm or shoulder if you have to carry it for long distances…

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite brands of suitecases.

American Tourister

For a great all purpose suitcase that will fit the budgets of most people, then look no further than American Tourister. They’ve got great designs (including Disney themed ones for kids) and you can find them at Kohl’s and Amazon.


You can’t research luggage without coming across Samsonite. They are one of the biggest manufacturers of luggage in the world and for good reason.  They have some fo the best designs and have styles that fit into most budgets.  The Samonsite Winfield is one of their most popular rollers.  If you haven’t tried the 360 degree rolling bags, then you are really missing out.


If you are looking for something that fits the requirements for a frequent business traveller, then you should no further than TravelPro.  They are routinely in the top ranking and I’ve noticed a lot of the airline crews tote these bags around.  The MaxLite 22″ is a great bag that you can continually count on and it’s available on Amazon for a good price (under $100).