This Island Has Been Named The Most Beautiful In The World (Photos)


Looking for that dream vacation spot?  Well, we’ve found the perfect place for you.  Travel+Leisure readers just awarded Java in Indonesia the best island.  Never heard of Java?  You aren’t alone.  But there is something for everything at this tropical oasis. It’s got amazing ancient ruins, waterfalls, parks, and even some majestic volcanoes.

So where is this paradise located?  Java is situated between Sumatra and Bali and the economic center of the country, housing half of the country’s population.  That’s a whopping 140 million people.

Check out these amazon photos.   Be warned, you may wind up booking your flight before you get to the end.

R.M. Nunes / Shutterstock

The island has amazing temples.  This is the Borobudur temple, the world’s largest Buddhist monument.

Jan Jerman / Shutterstock

Another amazing Buddha temple.  This is the Sewu temple, an eighth century Mahayana Buddhist temple.

ryophoto365 / Shutterstock

Beyond the breathtaking temples, you will be treated to some of most amazing beach fronts on Earth.  This is Kenjeran Lama Beach located in East Java.

Suwit Gamolglang / Shutterstock

The most amazing aspect of the island is the volcanic backdrop.  With the way the clouds hover below the peaks, we can see why people named this island the best in the world.  There is truly something for everyone.

Stock Photos / Shutterstock

And did we mention, there are some pretty spectacular lakes as well.

So there you go, historic ruins. Check. Amazing beaches. Check. Majestic lakes. Check. Breathtaking volcanoes.  Check.  We couldn’t agree more with the reads of Travel+Leisure.